Magical Memories Disney Style Travelers Notebook Insert Kit

Magical Memories TN insert Kit

So excited to share this all new Magical Memories Travelers Notebook insert kit! It's available today exclusively in the A Peach Life Etsy Shop. These kits are limited quantities so make sure to grab one soon. You may customize your kit a bit by choosing your Disney Lovin Planner Gal sticker in either blue or pink. When you choose your color you will also get the matching color Disney Park themed die cut embellishments. Some of these items are custom made for this Magical Memories TN kit. 

Disney themed labels
blue Disney themed labels

These Disney themed labels are great to use in your TN insert to catergorize the different Disney Parks. You also have Disney themed labels to add to your TN to list your favorite Disney Characters, autographs or pics that you want to get while in the parks, shops, food, restaurants, and so on. Now you'll have a special place to note all the things you would love to do. Jot down  any tips on foods to try, shows to see, or shops to visit. This will be your one stop spot for all your Disney info.

( A Peach Life Etsy shop also has additional Disney themed Planner embellishments that are also great to add to your TN Magical Memories themed kit or to use separetly.)

Planner Lovin Gal TN Kit

Decorate your kit with as much or as little of these embellishments that you would like. Pictured above is an example of my personal Magical Memories TN insert. All the supplies are in the kit to decorate it the same way or choose a style of your own. 

Magic Memories TN Kit supplies
Magical Memories TN Supplies

Your Magical Memories supplies will come in this super cute clear zip pouch with little black bows (pictured above). Along with the pattern travelers Notebook insert with cute little yellow "&" signs on it to decorate and organize with all your Disney goodies and info.

Posting your pics on Social Media use #apeachlifekits so we can enjoy seeing how each of us decorate and utilize the Magical Memories Kit.

Enjoying a peach life ~ tammy