Surprise Adventure To Washington D.C.

All I knew was to pack my bag and be ready to leave no later then 7am so that's exactly what Joshie and I did. We thought road trip here we come! Correction! It was more like airport here we come! 


Not until we got to our gate did we realize that our surprise trip was to Washington D.C.!!! Talk about excitement... I was thrilled, it has been a must on my list for as long as I can remember.



As I walked into the lobby of our lovely hotel the JW Marriott, these gorgeous chandeliers seemed to greet me with a smile and welcome me right in. I just knew this was going to be such a wonderful and amazing trip and adventure.


We certainly hit the ground running and decided to see as much as we possible could on day one. So we quickly went through the history museum and then headed over to see the Washington Monument , World War II Memorial, The Reflecting pool, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.


By far the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall was the most touching to my heart because I have a dad that served in Vietnam. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and served his country and although he was one of the lucky one's to come home. He did end up passing away in his early forties and his death was service connected. So many of us have lost loved ones then and now due to the Vietnam War.


The Cherry Blossom's where in full bloom and they seem to make this adventure in Washington D.C. even more spectacular and special. It was an absolute blast to go around the city on the segways and be able to see so mucho quickly and for our tour guide to give us a wealth of information made it that much more special.


This trip to Washington D.C. was a fun filled packed weekend of events and pure enjoyment with my husband and son. The memories I carry with me bring me such joy as I reflect on this amazing adventure of a life time.

Enjoying a peach life ~tammy