It all started with a little dream...

     I had always dreamt about living in the south and having this little Martha Stewart-ish life. Yes, I realize that doesn’t exactly exist but whatever form of it does, I wanted it! I grew up in Southern California with the beaches, mountains, Disneyland, and so much more but the dream of this peaceful life sipping tea on a cute porch was always on my mind. 

     Well, that opportunity came my way and within days I was on a plane visiting one of the cutest places ever. It was Peachtree City, Georgia and I was in love with it! It’s a little community with over 100 miles of golf cart paths and people drive them everywhere and I do mean everywhere. On any given day you will find golf carts driving to school, work, shopping, out to eat, or just going through the Starbucks drive through for a quick coffee. It was a little piece of heaven and I wanted in!

     Within weeks our home sold and our family, cats, dogs, and bird were off to Georgia to start this new journey together.  Although it has been a bit of an adjustment I haven’t looked back and have enjoyed the adventure from the unique places, cutest towns, amazing shops, and some of the best restaurants. I would definitely say that I'm enjoying a peach life!

Sharing my journey and adventures,

tammy inman